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Modern Jersey Design  

Senin, 15 Maret 2010

To design t-shirts say once the theme of our environment is increasingly damaged it. Rekan2 must still remind the green environment, filled with trees. Kesejukannya Remember? let with us trying to make it happen again .

For basic color shirts sebenernya hell we can use any color to white, gray or black is not a problem but this time I mengguanakan gray color to give the appearance of another color.
Pal could all use a different color as long as love because I think the color is not necessarily taste the same for each person.
Save Our World is the title for a single t-shirt design is only showing our earth sillluet, writing SAVE OUR WORLD, and a little background with silver flowers and a little orange.

Actually this is my first shirt design I made for this simple blog, with a basic white T-shirt color to make the display stand out because I deliberately create an image with soft dominant color or muted.
With the addition of a few accents make this t-shirt designs so full but still trying to not give the impression of 'tacky'.

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